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Mississippi Mugs

Please Note:

Kent Library is currently closed to staff and the public. Staff are available via email and will check phone messages daily. Please check back for updates.

Menu and Prices

Hot Beverages

 Coffee/Dark Roast $2.00 
 Coffee/Breakfast Blend $2.00 
 Coffee/Mississippi Blend                                          $2.00 
 Hot Chocolate $2.00 
 Cafe Mocha $3.00 
 Cappuccino $3.00 
 Latte $3.00 

Cold Beverages

 Bottled Water $1.00 
 PureLeaf Tea $2.00 
 Sodas $2.00 
 Energy Drinks $2.00 
 Kickstarts                                                                     $2.00 


 Candy  $1.50 
 Chips $1.50 
 Stonie's Meat Sticks $1.50 
 Rice Krispie Treat $1.50 
 Lance Grill Cheese Cracker                       $1.00 
 Trail Mix $1.50 

Mississippi Mugs does not take meal plans or Redbucks.
We do accept credit, debit or cash. We are sorry for any inconvenience.