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Building Tours

Kent Library offers guided tours of the building to groups, school classes, individuals and organizations. We’re happy to give you a tour of the library as a whole, or to invite you to experience a particular area or topic with one of our specialized staff. Tours can include a closer look at the Kent Library mural, Special Collections and Archives, the Instructional Materials Center, and the Heather MacDonald Greene Multimedia Center. We are also happy to specialize your tour in any way that would be advantageous to you and your group. Let us know how we can welcome you and what you would like from your experience!

Please note that group size is restricted to no more than 20 people. If you would like to bring a larger group, please make arrangements for part of the group to visit other places of interest on campus, so that no more than 20 people are visiting the library at one time. Pre-high school student groups should be accompanied by at least 1 adult for every 10 students.

General Tours

Kent Library Lobby
This tour takes you around the library, giving you general information about the its units, areas, resources, and personnel. This is ideal for high school students wanting to understand the offerings of an academic library, first year students needing an overview of our services, or community groups wanting to familiarize themselves with the college.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact:
Stephanie Hayes


Heather MacDonald Greene Multimedia Center Tours

Heather MacDonald Greene Multimedia Center
The Heather MacDonald Greene Multimedia Center boasts a wide variety of media resources, such as a full Adobe Creative Suite, 3D printers, audio and video recording and editing equipment, as well as a qualified and professional staff to help you with your creations. Tours will give visitors a full orientation for what the center offers, including demonstrations and general information.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact:
Mary Robbins


Special Collections & Archives Tours

Special Collections and Archives
Visitors can examine the University Archives and Regional History collections housed in Special Collections and Archives and learn about the unique holdings of the Rare Book Room, including the Brodsky-Faulkner Collection and the Harrison Rare Book Collection.

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please contact:
Roxanne Dunn